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January Round-Up

Jacquelyn Bengfort

January was a quiet month, but I'm happy to report that it was also a fruitful one: I'm finishing up an online flash fiction course, taught by Rae Bryant, through the Eckleburg workshops. This class is my fourth since fall, and I highly recommend them if you need a kick to get going. There is still space in the February essay class, taught by Chelsey Clammer, so, you know...sign up now.

My latest article for EdTech went live today. "Efficiency in Motion" is a look at how university-developed apps are streamlining all sorts of campus processes.

Finally, I took part in Kafe Bohem's relatively new monthly reading series, which takes place on the last Monday of every month. It was an absolute blast sharing the room with poets, essayists, and story writers of all sorts. My friends Paul and Adam were a fantastic support crew as I read some short essays about my time in the Navy. I leave you with a photo Paul snapped during the reading.

On to February!