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Lunch Challenge #2: Missed Connections

Jacquelyn Bengfort

Today's challenge is another random word generator challenge. This time, the challenge is to incorporate three random words into a missed connection.


What is a missed connection? For the uninitiated, a missed connection is a type of classified ad in which someone reaches out blindly into the void to seek a stranger with whom they felt a connection but for whatever reason failed to speak to and/or exchange contact information with.

In preparation for this challenge, I subjected myself to reading lots and lots of these ads. Here's the general format:

1. A description of the situation in which you met.

2. A brief recounting of the extent of your interaction.

3. (optional) A statement of regret, longing, and/or hope. A "what-might-have-been."

4. What I'll call a password--something to put in the response to prove you are the sought connection.

Further, these ads are nearly always addressed to "you": You did this, we said that, I feel so lonesome now that you're gone.

Here's an example using the randomly-generated words WEATHER, LICENSE, and REWARD.

We were caught in wild weather outside the DMV. You laughed over how terrible your hair would look in your license picture. Meeting you again would be its own reward. Tell me what hat I was wearing.

Here's an example using the randomly-generated words CRAB, SCISSORS, and CHURCH.

You got on the bus at a stop just past the Orthodox church. Our eyes were drawn to each other time and again as though they were two halves of the same scissors, cutting through the bullshit of the mundane. I got off the bus four stops later, bound for a new seafood joint I'd heard good things about. I wish I'd invited you to crack crabs with me. Please reply with the bus route.

Here's a link to an example of an epic missed connection ad that probably has only the slightest relationship to reality.

It's the ultimate in unrequited love in the modern era. It's a little bit creepy. It's a little bit sad. It's a little bit romantic. And it's almost always somehow funny, usually without meaning to be. Post links to your own random word generator missed connection on Twitter with the hashtag #lunchwrite, or paste into the comments section.