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Lunch Challenge #7: 3x3x3

Jacquelyn Bengfort

Here's what I'll be working on over lunch:

Take three randomly-generated words (click here)

Incorporate all three into a short piece of writing in three minutes

Repeat, repeat

In under ten minutes, I'll have started three new things. My random words are HOSPITAL, SUGAR, and ZIP.


Care to play? Tweet your random words with the hashtag #lunchwrite or share them in the comments section.

And: don't forget to eat.

Lunch Challenge #6: In the form of a list

Jacquelyn Bengfort

Today's lunch challenge: write a poem or short prose piece built around a list. Selection from another list: things with which you might be unfamiliar after 322 days at sea.

For example, I'm working on a prose poem about all the everyday things I now view as dangerous because I have a small child. Things that I never thought of as dangerous before, like dirt, or grapes, now must be dealt with, their risks mitigated.

Share your list topic on Twitter with the hashtag #lunchwrite or in the comment section below. Happy writing!

Lunch Challenge #5: Kiss and Tell

Jacquelyn Bengfort

Viral videos. The signature media of our age, no? First someone shares a video of a catchy breastfeeding song on Facebook, then you tell your husband to Google it so he knows what the heck you've been singing all morning, and the next thing you know he's texting you three minutes of twenty strangers kissing each other. So here's a video of twenty strangers kissing each other.

Your challenge? Describe a kiss--any kiss--in twenty words, exactly. Tweet it with the hashtag #lunchwrite or add it to the comments section below.

Lunch Challenge #4: Addicted to Prompts

Jacquelyn Bengfort

I love a good writing prompt. That's a big part of why I started posting #lunchwrite challenges on Twitter a few weeks ago--no matter how tired or distracted or uninspired I feel, a good prompt can get me writing. Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 10.04.55 AM

So today's prompt comes courtesy of Poets & Writers. Their weekly newsletter, "The Time is Now," provides a prompt each for a poem, fictional prose, and creative nonfiction.

I chose the poetry prompt but wrote a few lines of prose. So no need to be too prescriptive about it. And if you like the prompts, you can have them sent directly to your email by signing up on the website.

If you participate in today's challenge, tweet a line from the results with the hashtag #lunchwrite or add in the comments below.

Lunch Challenge #2: Missed Connections

Jacquelyn Bengfort

Today's challenge is another random word generator challenge. This time, the challenge is to incorporate three random words into a missed connection.


What is a missed connection? For the uninitiated, a missed connection is a type of classified ad in which someone reaches out blindly into the void to seek a stranger with whom they felt a connection but for whatever reason failed to speak to and/or exchange contact information with.

In preparation for this challenge, I subjected myself to reading lots and lots of these ads. Here's the general format:

1. A description of the situation in which you met.

2. A brief recounting of the extent of your interaction.

3. (optional) A statement of regret, longing, and/or hope. A "what-might-have-been."

4. What I'll call a password--something to put in the response to prove you are the sought connection.

Further, these ads are nearly always addressed to "you": You did this, we said that, I feel so lonesome now that you're gone.

Here's an example using the randomly-generated words WEATHER, LICENSE, and REWARD.

We were caught in wild weather outside the DMV. You laughed over how terrible your hair would look in your license picture. Meeting you again would be its own reward. Tell me what hat I was wearing.

Here's an example using the randomly-generated words CRAB, SCISSORS, and CHURCH.

You got on the bus at a stop just past the Orthodox church. Our eyes were drawn to each other time and again as though they were two halves of the same scissors, cutting through the bullshit of the mundane. I got off the bus four stops later, bound for a new seafood joint I'd heard good things about. I wish I'd invited you to crack crabs with me. Please reply with the bus route.

Here's a link to an example of an epic missed connection ad that probably has only the slightest relationship to reality.

It's the ultimate in unrequited love in the modern era. It's a little bit creepy. It's a little bit sad. It's a little bit romantic. And it's almost always somehow funny, usually without meaning to be. Post links to your own random word generator missed connection on Twitter with the hashtag #lunchwrite, or paste into the comments section.

Lunch Challenge #1

Jacquelyn Bengfort

I just issued my first-ever Twitter writing challenge:

My words were TICKET, TAR, and CHOCOLATE. I think we can all see where this is going.

You step into a river running brown / Too blinded by a ticket painted gold / To realize the chocolate you see / Is tar that sucks and sticks and plays for keeps.

If you participated in #lunchwrite, please comment below with a link to your creation!