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The Quick Guide to Punctuation in Email: "Thanks" Edition

Jacquelyn Bengfort

I got an email yesterday. It looked like this:



[First Name redacted]

To which I responded (open-letter style, expecting, of course, that the sender will never see it)

on Twitter. (Three retweets AND one favorite? In my world, THIS IS BLOWING UP, PEOPLE, THIS IS VIRAL.)

But maybe you're asking yourself, "How do I send an email of acknowledgement and avoid giving the recipient heartburn and a lingering sense of self-doubt?"

Here's a handy guide. It all comes down to punctuation (and a little bit to capitalization, too).


See above.


You're in a hurry. You're a bit terse. You got my email. I get it.


In this instance, the best option, I think. I'm not usually a proponent of exclamation points, but here, it takes the edge off your message. You're in a hurry, but you're still happy to have heard from me.


"How unexpected! I think you've sent me something I need/want! But I'm not sure! But thanks!"  I suspect you've responded without reading. Hey man, it's cool. No bigs.


Here I just think you send a lot of emails from your phone, you sent this one from your computer, and autocorrect has made you a little lazy. You probably tried to double space for a period, too. Oh Apple, what you have done to us?


Have I done something to offend you?


You're eight. Or a unicorn.