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The Bad Bourbon Challenge

Jacquelyn Bengfort

My husband likes to throw parties. People inevitably, on purpose and not, leave things behind: vegetable peelers, assorted Tupperware, cheap sunglasses, etc. (Sometimes things also disappear...things like the toilet paper spindle from the guest bathroom.) After the last one, someone whose identity is known but whom I shall not name left a bottle of execrably cheap bourbon behind. Note: if you're trying to offload offbrand liquor at a party, I recommend putting it in a decanter. I expect that doing so would be a powerful demonstration of human psychology. However, in its original bottle, no one touched the stuff.

Since said husband declared that bourbon undrinkable (a position seconded by my own father), and since the same man recently had A Significant Birthday Ending In A Zero, I thought it would be fun to use the bourbon in a recipe and create something to eat in celebration. So I adapted this cookie recipe and came up with Chocolate Bourbon Peanut Cookies. Recipe below.

A chocolatey cookie laced with bourbon and studded with peanuts.

P.S. "Hey Jacquelyn, I thought this website was about your freelance writing business." Go ahead, complain about me sharing a recipe for cookies. I've already explained how vital they are to my creative process.

P.P.S. If you still have cheap bourbon left over, Smitten Kitchen has a delightful recipe for milk punch. Which obviously goes perfectly with cookies of all sorts.

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